Affiliate Program


What is an Affiliate?

The Affiliate Program functions a lot like a referral program.

A Good Dog Academy (GDA) Affiliate is a graduate of any one of our programs who agrees to share a link that leads to a section on the GDA website and who ultimately takes a percentage of the profit made from anyone who clicks on that Share Link and completes any program purchase. An Affiliate can also be any retail or wholesale business, industry professional, continuing education department of any school district, shelter, rescue or fundraising organization.

As the Affiliate, you or your group will present a unique Share Link to your audience through your website, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. This Share Link could also be offered directly to colleagues, clients, vet offices and retail shops, shelters, dog care facilities, municipalities, groomers, dog walkers or anyone who needs formal education in any one of our programs.

The Affiliate will earn a percentage of each sale made from anyone who clicks on that Share Link and completes a purchase on the Good Dog Academy website within 30 days and uses the same browser.

If there is more than one individual or group both connecting with the same target market, the commission will be paid to the person or group with the Share Link that is used for the purchase.

Affiliates must declare to GDA if they are GST/HST registered. If they are, they are required to provide their GST/HST number to Good Dog Academy for tax compliance reasons.


How does the Affiliate Program work?

Good Dog Academy will create a unique Share Link for you or your organization. These Share Links will place a cookie on your prospective customer's browser for 30 days. As long as the customer purchases from Good Dog Academy’s website using the same browser and the purchase is made within that 30 day time period, the transaction will be counted as an Affiliate transaction.


What does the Affiliate get?

Good Dog Academy will provide the following Affiliate Package material:

  1. Your own customized Affiliate Share Link.

  2. Pictures and videos to post on your social media.

  3. A Good Dog Academy Affiliate Badge to post on your website.

  4. Commission on sales directed through your Share Link, payable monthly at the rate of 15% of the listed retail price.


How do I sign up?

The Affiliate Program is opt-in only. If you would like to take advantage of the Affiliate Program and receive your Affiliate Package or if you have any questions, please email Geri at [email protected] today!!