Reactivity 101:
Is working with reactive dogs right for you?

$175 CAD

Pre-requisite: GDA Students/Grads who have
passed the Reactivity Quiz.
OR trainers who hold a current CCPDT-KA designation.


1.5 hour LIVE webinar - 1 hour lecture, 30 minutes Q&A

Training Hours Log - pre-requisite for Reactivity 201: Advanced Reactivity Management
Working with reactive dogs is rewarding and often life changing for the dog and their people. Professional dog trainers who are skilled and confident in working with reactive dogs are in high demand.

This live webinar with our Director of Training and Reactivity Specialist, Jaime Knowles, will help you to determine if working with reactive dogs may be a good fit for you.

During our time together in this webinar we will discuss important details you will need to know before attempting to work with reactive dogs and their guardians. We will cover topics such as liabilities, safety considerations, first visit recommendations and much more. There will also be time for a Q&A so bring along your questions!

Register for Reactivity 101 - Sep 14, 2022 6pm PT
Register for Reactivity 101 - Dec 7, 2022 6pm PT


Reactivity 201:
Advanced Reactivity Management

$599 CAD

Pre-requisite:  Reactivity - 101 PLUS 100 hours documented pet dog training (non-reactive dogs) using Training Hours Log received in Reactivity 101.
Two or three random checks will be done to verify training experience.


Three 1.5 hour Theory Webinars (LIVE or recorded for those who cannot attend) 

DATES FOR THEORY ARE: 6pm - 730pm Pacific Time - DEC 7, 2022; JAN 14, 2023; FEB 15, 2023

Tip Sheets

A filmed “Group Therapy” class showing real life class environment

1 hour Q&A Webinar - date TBD

Minimum of 2 students

You have taken the first steps towards successfully working with reactive dogs, now it’s time to take a deep dive! During this series of live webinars with our Director of Training and Reactivity Specialist Jaime Knowles, we will discuss several different behaviour modification plans designed to help reactive dogs in detail. 

We will take time to talk about how to successfully set up reactive dogs and their owners for success using proven positive reinforcement methods.

Topics include: setting up successful training scenarios for dog and human reactive dogs, recovery after crossing threshold, how to effectively change a conditioned emotional response, and much more! As always we will have time for questions so bring them along! 

Register for Reactivity 201