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Daycare and Boarding Management

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Topics include:

Policies and Procedures



Play Area Considerations

Flooring Options

Styles of Overnight Care



Physical and Mental Stimulation

New Dog Assessments

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How to Start a Dog Boarding Business:

The pet care industry is roaring ahead into 2022. This includes dog training, dog boarding and dog daycare, and other related services such as dog walking or pet sitting.

How you would get started with dog training involves formal, science-based education. Your clients will ask you for your credentials, and a Professional Pet Dog Trainer Certificate is a must in 2022.

How you would get started with dog boarding and dog daycare is similar. When dog owners leave their beloved furry family member with someone for a day or many nights, they want to know that the person is qualified to provide the proper care, and they want to see evidence of formal education before they trust you with dog boarding services.

And the person accepting responsibility for caring for boarding and daycare dogs will be more confident and prepared if they have had foundation education in their field that's mandatory for most pet boarding businesses.

Is Formal Education Required To Open A Boarding or Dog Daycare Business?

What is happening in the pet dog industry comes down to education. Being a qualified, educated and passionate caregiver in this industry is what it’s all about before even looking into how to start a dog daycare and dog boarding business.

When you open your life to caring for boarding and daycare dogs, you need to know what procedures and policies to establish within your dog daycare and dog boarding business before any pet owners can trust you with their fur baby. 

As a future pet boarding business owner, you need to answer these questions:

  • How many dogs can you accept at once, and how will you assess new dogs?
  • Do you have your business bank account set up for your dog daycare and boarding facility?
  • Can all dogs play equally well with each other?
  • What happens if the dog gets ill or their dog owners can't show up at the last moment?
  • What policies do you need to think about beforehand?
  • What will the dog’s day look like?
  • Do you have a plan for the play area?
  • Do you know what options there are for bedding, dishes, flooring?
  • What will the dogs do all day?
  • Do you know how to schedule a day of physical and mental stimulation?
  • Do you know the local laws for a dog daycare limited liability company?

What Do You Need To Get Started On Your Dog Boarding and Dog Daycare Business?

If the pet owners are leaving the dog to stay overnight at the boarding facility, what style of overnight care will you be able to offer? Crates? Bedroom? Family?

Will you add dog training to your service at the boarding facility too for pet owners?

You need knowledge about various topics before you start your Boarding or Daycare pet business. 

Good Dog Academy is here to help you with your formal education. We offer courses and programs on Dog Daycare and Boarding and a Professional Pet Dog Trainer Certificate program. Plus, a Business program was exclusively written for the pet industry.

Visit our website today and book a personal Zoom session with us to answer all of your questions regarding how to start a dog daycare and boarding business.