$39* CAD

Get Set for the Vet

Let’s look at why our dogs may be experiencing fear, anxiety and distress when visiting the veterinary clinic.


  • The Veterinary Experience from the Dog's Perspective
  • Common Stressors at the Vet Clinic
  • Using GDA's Less Stress Approach
  • Understanding and Identifying Signs of Stress and Anxiety in Dogs
  • Understanding Cooperative Care
  • Practising Handling at Home: Less Stress Handling Practice
  • Familiarizing the Dog with Common Veterinary Tools and Procedures
  • Ethical Considerations and Advocacy
  • The Veterinary Examination: What to Expect
  • Administering Prescribe3d Medications and Treatments
  • Advocating for Less Stress Veterinary Care

Improve vet visits by understanding common stressors, how to effectively build a collaborative relationship with the vet and staff and advocate for your dog's well-being.


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