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Professional Pet Dog Trainer Certificate Program (PPDT)
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FREE LIVE tour and Q&A
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Saturday, October 9, 2021
9am Pacific Time

Here is what to expect from us.

All of the information you receive will help you to understand what it takes to become a successful dog trainer.

At Time of Registration

We will confirm your registration to the webinar.
Give you the date & time we are meeting.
When you can expect reminders of the meeting.
Summary of Webinar topics.
Link to the Student Handbook to get a head start.

7 Days Before the Webinar

Services that graduates will be qualified to offer.
Link to PDF 'List of Services'.

5 Days Before the Webinar

Brief description of what you need to succeed as a dog trainer.

4 Days Before the Webinar

PPDT program timing and course descriptions.
How many hours to study per week.
How many weeks to complete the program.
Link to course descriptions on our website.

3 Days Before the Webinar

Make good money training dogs.
Worksheet to calculate potential income of your business.

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Reminder of Zoom Webinar tomorrow.
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15 Minutes Before the Webinar

Ready to go!
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Requirements to earn your Good Dog Academy Professional Pet Dog Trainer Certificate.
Give you a tour of the website.
Exactly what is included in your tuition.
How to access the Student Handbook.
Where to find course descriptions.
Full disclosure of our Pandemic Special Offer.
Time to directly ask your questions to our Director of Training.

10 Minutes After the Webinar

How to ask more questions.
Link to a PDF '20 Proven Strategies to Find Clients'.
Registration link.

1 Day After the Webinar

Summary of GDA's Pandemic Special Offer.

3 Days After the Webinar

Sample dog training video.

4 Days After the Webinar

Graduate comments about the program.

7 Days After the Webinar

No better time than today message.
Registration link.