Scent Work

On-Demand Webinar Series
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$99 CAD


Introduction to Scent Work Presentation

6 filmed classes released weekly, giving you time to practice

Curious about the sport of Scent Work? 

Check out our new Introduction to Scent Work program for only $99!! 

Learn all about the sport in our new online program featuring 6 filmed in-person classes released weekly, giving you time to practice in-between.

A fun and interactive way for dog owners to build a working relationship with their dogs, the sport of Scent Work is growing in popularity. 

The sport focuses on building trust and new skills for owner and dog as they both learn how to become a sport detection team. Scent Work not only gives your client’s dog a job but it is a challenging and fantastic way to teach them how to focus around distraction as they learn to use their nose to its full capability! 

An exciting mental and physical outlet for both client and dog, it's guaranteed that your clients will quickly become addicted to this fun and exciting sport! 

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