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There's a Huge Shortage of Professionals in the Pet Dog Industry. Dogs and Their Families NEED YOUR HELP!!


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Good Dog Academy is a proud member of these organizations, working to help dogs and their people by raising the standards of pet dog training and care through formal, science-based education and passion.

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There's a HUGE Shortage of Professionals in the Pet Dog Industry.
Dogs and Their Families Need Your Help! 

Earn Your Certificate and Join this THRIVING Industry.
The Dream Job You've Always Wanted.

Benefits of Earning Your Dog Trainer Certification Online in Canada and the USA:

Online learning has become popular for many reasons, including lower stress, increased time flexibility, no geographic limitations and better affordability.  By removing transportation time and cost, having access to course material 24/7 and having the ability to review any lesson as many times as you want, paying significantly less for the same material and being able to fit your school time into your lifestyle lowers the stress and pressure of pursuing your education.

Good Dog Academy has reformatted its once in-person-only program content into an online learning environment.  Our theory courses are easy to follow, yet they provide all of the information you need to succeed.  For our Professional Dog Trainer practical courses, video exchanges with our instructors will provide you with critical feedback to ensure you are on the right track.  All of this in an environment that has lower stress, increased time flexibility, no geographic limitations and better affordability.

How To Become A Dog Trainer: Online Dog Training Certification

Dog trainers need formal education and experience to succeed at becoming a professional. Just because someone is successful at training their own dog does not mean they are qualified to teach dogs professionally. People on their path to becoming professional dog trainers are often surprised about how much there is to know about dogs. Animal Behaviour, Theory, Canine First Aid and Practical training are essential components of being professionals with dogs.

Connecting with a coach with over 25 years of experience guiding you through the required curriculum is imperative. An experienced instructor has predetermined what information is essential for safety and success. Joining a community of like-minded people and sharing your ideas and questions with classmates will help you build confidence and learn new skills. The good thing is that this is all now possible through the internet. An online learning environment produces excellent results for anyone training to be a professional pet dog trainer.


The Advantages Of Taking Your Pet Dog Trainer Certification Online

Online training is now a regular and accepted method of learning. Learning how to train dogs online is no exception. Teaching dog theory is not a complicated technological exercise. Viewing professional dog trainer lessons, videos and receiving printable material is quickly done using a good quality learning management system platform.

It is captivating and provides a positive and full transformation for students while in the comfort of their choice of environments. Digital learning can be completed when the time is best for the student. Not having to hurry to a set location at a set time makes learning easier. No driving in bad weather or giving up evenings and weekends.

Students can fit their studying into their schedule while working, when the kids go to bed, in the morning, at night or even while on holiday. Internet education is very flexible, complete and comprehensive. Testing can be done when the student is ready, on their schedule, usually after viewing the professional dog trainer lessons several times. Following a humane training model and using positive reinforcement is the foundation for everything else built-in dog training.

A broad range of theory topics for dogs is taught, specifically giving students the scope of knowledge that they will need to be considered a Professional Pet Dog Trainer. Learning about more than one philosophy and method of dog training gives the professional the required resources to help them in the field. Not all dogs and not all dog owners learn the same way or need the same kind of help. Each new situation is an opportunity to customize a program for unique individuals using the most appropriate style and type of training.

Dog training is not a one-size-fits-all. Professional Dog Trainers need to draw from a wide variety of skills. Formal education is the key to standing out from your competition, and online learning is a remarkable way to gain the knowledge necessary.

Learning canine first aid has also made its way online. Unlike learning from a book, online canine first aid training is rich and recommended. Experts in this niche have created impressive courses that are available anywhere the student is located. The depth of information about dogs is unexpected. Anyone who works with dogs professionally needs to be well educated about first aid.

Practical skills in dog management have also been developed by using an outstanding learning management system platform. Students want an easy-to-understand system - a formula for success. It is essential to learn from an instructor who has had years of experience and has helped thousands of dogs. It has been proven that demonstration videos, clear explanations and expectations and handouts enable students to elevate their dog handling skills to get started in a career as a pet dog trainer. Evaluations and extensive feedback guide the students to master foundation exercises with their dogs.

Then, by successfully teaching the exercises to the instructor through a recording, students demonstrate their new skills. Personal feedback and further instruction are usually required to help students hone their skills and achieve the success needed to graduate and begin a successful dog training career.


What To Expect From Our Professionals At GDA On Your Path To Online Dog Trainer Certified

Connecting online through webinars and question/answer sessions with an expert, seasoned trainer, and guide is valuable. Monthly real-time webinars where students can get direct answers to their questions makes all the difference.

Good Dog Academy will help you make the journey from wherever you are now to being a capable pet dog trainer by offering every advantage the online world can deliver. Being part of a community of like-minded people encourages and motivates students. Online communities are commonplace in the world today. Listening and asking questions of your fellow trainers-in-training is an excellent way to make sure you are on the right path.

A place to feel comfortable asking questions and sharing your thoughts and difficulties is a great way to build success. Online, your fellow students could be anywhere globally, which brings diversity to questions and discussions. It is empowering to share your accomplishments and help your classmates online at any time of day. Good Dog Academy’s Professional Pet Dog Trainer Certificate program has evolved from a successful in-person program. Students found it difficult to commit to travelling to school as many had jobs and family commitments to juggle.

As the program was developed with a broad scope of education, the time needed to be in class was considerable. Many asked if they could work online somehow. A physical location also constrained who could take the program. Although people travelled from across the country and rented a place to stay for the four-month-long program, many others could not do so. Out of necessity, Good Dog Academy decided to move its proven content to an online format. What resulted is a perfect blend of online theory, practical and first aid.

A step-by-step formula emerged that is comprehensive yet easy to follow. Science-based information is presented in bite-sized pieces with lots of support and repetition is available on demand. GDA is an online school that builds new skills and brings you to a place where you can start helping dogs and their families. You will be able to start a new business and a new career. GDA’s system takes students from wherever they are now to having the knowledge and skills necessary to begin their dog training careers in the growing pet dog industry. One step at a time.

Being surrounded by experienced staff in a supportive environment leads to success for those who have focus and can commit to work hard and learn. Good Dog Academy has created the best option for dog trainers to obtain their Professional Pet Dog Trainer Certificate. After realizing there was a need in the industry, our staff worked hard to perfect the program. As a result, GDA is confident that the high level of dog training, both formal and comprehensive, cannot be found anywhere else. All bases are covered. GDA focuses on results and supports students who choose to study and learn how to be qualified, educated dog trainers in their community.


Why GDA Instructors Are The Mentors You Want To Learn From To Become A Certified Dog Trainer:

Because GDA started with in-person programs and evolved into an outstanding online dog trainer school, students get the best of both worlds. Dog training content that was tried, tested, updated, and perfected is available to anyone with an internet connection. Combining the customized, personalized attention of an experienced guide that wants to see trainers succeed and the convenience of a flexible online schedule makes Good Dog Academy's dog training classes the best choice for foundation training to start an exciting career in the pet dog industry.

Good Dog Academy offers comprehensive, science based, online education for students in the pet dog industry who dream of becoming professional pet dog trainers. Being online enhances the learning experience by giving students the flexibility to study on their own schedule and fit the learning into their busy lives. By choosing Good Dog Academy’s Professional Pet Dog Certificate online dog training program, students will be able to transform their lives and help thousands of dogs. In addition, GDA provides a supportive environment with experts in the field and lots of community development opportunities. There is no other place to look for your dog training education.

Raise the standards of dog training by choosing Good Dog Academy today.