Essential Life Skills

Why we recommend essential, practical training skills:

  • Because you¬†love your dog¬†and you want what is best for them.
  • A well-behaved dog experiences¬†less stress, is¬†happier¬†and¬†more relaxed.
  • A well-behaved dog Is welcome in more places so it is¬†easier to go out in public together.
  • Training builds¬†confidence¬†and can help to¬†reduce reactions based in fear.
  • Training provides much needed¬†mental stimulation.
  • Training strengthens¬†trust¬†and the¬†human-dog bond.
  • Training contributes to¬†positive interactions¬†with friends, family and other dogs.
  • Training provides the skills needed to¬†live peacefully¬†in an urban environment.
  • Training helps dogs to¬†avoid problem behaviours and conflict.
  • Training provides a¬†significant layer of safety¬†for dogs.

Essential Life Skills


9 Essential Modules 
34 Instructional Videos
Downloadable Tip Sheets

  • Training Equipment: What you need to succeed

  • What's in a Word: How to communicate clearly with your dog

  • Attention, Please: How to get reliable attention from your dog in distracting situations
  • Foundation Life Skills: The Basics - Sit, Down, Touch
  • Stay: How to achieve a bomb proof stay
  • Self Control: How to help your dog keep their cool in exciting situations
  • Loose Leash Walking: More enjoyable walks for you and your dog
  • Come When Called: The Essential steps to a reliable recall
  • Stand, Stay: A valuable skill for everyday life



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Essential Life Skills

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