11 Factors That Make an Online Dog Training Course a Success

Nov 02, 2022

Online dog training courses are great for learning about canine behaviour and techniques. Many new dog owners are looking for an alternative to the traditional, one-on-one training and education method. Dog owners have grown weary of constantly leaving their homes or offices to find time away from work to do something as simple as training their dogs, and they have turned to the internet to make their time more flexible. Online dog training courses have seen a recent boom in popularity, and for a good reason.

The best online dog training courses will always have a few key ingredients that make them successful. This article will cover some main elements that make dog training courses successful. 

1. Training Techniques That Work 

The best online dog training courses will have real-world techniques proven to work. Plans that don't work are not worth learning and will only waste time. Applying the methods you are learning and putting them into motion is just as important as the theory behind those techniques.

2. Consistent Instructions

An excellent online dog training course will give you consistent, clear instructions. Not only should they be clear, but they should also be consistent about how they are given. 

3. An Experienced Trainer Should design it 

It might be tempting to try and save money by picking a cheaper online dog training course not created by a certified trainer. The course curriculum should be developed by experienced professional dog trainers who understand how dogs learn best.

4. Specific Challenges 

The best online dog training courses will help you understand how to handle specific challenges you may face with your dog. For example, if your dog is food-obsessed, the system should give you a good overview of how to deal with this challenge properly. 

5. Should accommodate questions and feedback

Online dog training courses should be designed to give you a chance to ask questions. So if you are confused about how to interact with your dog or train him, the course should give you a way to ask questions and get clarification. 

6. It Should Be Easy To Follow

Since the best online dog training courses are usually based on DVDs and computer-based instruction, they will work best when they are easy to follow. Not only should the system be easy to follow, but it should also be easy to find the answers to your questions by simply referring back to the course. 

8. It Should be comprehensive

Online dog training courses should offer extensive education on obedience training, behavioural modification, and dog care.

10. They' should be Flexible

Online dog training courses will work best for flexible people who can make time for the coursework. As a general rule of thumb, the system should be able to accommodate making time for you if things fall through on your schedule (for example, if you have to reschedule an appointment during class times).

11. It Should be fun

The best online dog training courses will be designed to be relatively fun. Not only is it great for the dogs, but for those signing up for the course, it's a great way to take your mind off things and enjoy entertainment. 


When seeking an online dog training course, look for one that offers all of the above features. A system that falls short in these areas is likely less effective and may even do more harm than good. With so many online dog training courses available, there's no reason to settle for anything less than the best.

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