FAQ: Do I Have To Go To College To Be A Dog Trainer?

  • Dog trainers are typically expected to have formal training by completing courses at training schools.

Written by Good Dog Academy

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FAQ: What Is The Difference Between A Dog Trainer & A Behaviorist?

  • Though there is some overlap based on experience and level of comfort from the professional, most trainers teach obedience, basic behavior modifications, and specific skills whereas behavior professionals tackle advanced behavior issues such as fear aggression, severe anxiety, compulsive disorders, and other challenges.

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FAQ: How Long Does It Take To Get A Dog Training Certificate?

  • A thorough and broad-based education can take up to 7 months. This number depends on the student’s other commitments and ability to learn. This is for a foundation certificate.

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FAQ: How Do Professional Dog Trainers Train Dogs?

  • Positive reinforcement trainers often use verbal cues, hand signals, treats, clickers, toys, and even games to help modify behaviour, correct bad habits, and even to teach tricks. Trainers use both positive reinforcement (giving rewards) and negative punishment (taking away rewards.)

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FAQ: How Do I Become A Certified Dog Trainer?

  • To earn the title of Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed with the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, you need to successfully complete a 180-question multiple-choice exam and log a minimum of 300 hours training dogs.

Written by Good Dog Academy

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Do You Need Qualifications To Be A Dog Trainer?

dog trainer education Sep 17, 2020

You want to start your career in pet dog training to become a dog trainer. It’s your dream job! You love dogs and they love you and you want nothing more than a career that will help dogs and their families to live richer fuller lives. 

The big question is “How does one become a certified professional dog trainer?” You want to know what it takes and how you get started so let’s take a look at how you can get started as a dog training professional. 

In Canada, there are no rules or regulations that govern the education requirements in order to be considered certified and become a dog trainer. Dog owners, however, are becoming more aware that dog trainers need to have professional education and certification and they are starting to do research and seek out qualified dog training professionals only. They look for credentials showing that the trainer they choose can effectively help them reach their goals using training that is based on science and...

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The Best Dog Trainer School - Good Dog Academy

dog trainer education Aug 21, 2020

Good Dog Academy is the best choice for your professional pet dog training education. Our foundation and flagship dog program, Professional Pet Dog Trainer Certificate (PPDT), will provide everything you need to know to get started in the diverse pet dog industry. It will open doors that you might never have considered. At our dog training school, you will be connected with the foremost experts in the dog training industry.

Before considering any future dog training career paths, you will need a foundation of dog training knowledge as well as obedience and handling skills. Good Dog Academy was created for someone just like you. Someone who has a passion for dogs and needs formal education to get started in a career with confidence and competence. A dog training career that will fulfill your desire to work with dogs in a professional setting.

Good Dog Academy was developed by experts with over 40 years of experience in dog training. After helping thousands of dogs, they needed to...

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