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dog trainer education Aug 20, 2020

Good Dog Academy is the best choice for your professional pet dog training education. Our foundation and flagship dog program, Professional Pet Dog Trainer Certificate (PPDT), will provide everything you need to know to get started in the diverse pet dog industry. It will open doors that you might never have considered. At our dog training school, you will be connected with the foremost experts in the dog training industry.

Before considering any future dog training career paths, you will need a foundation of dog training knowledge as well as obedience and handling skills. Good Dog Academy was created for someone just like you. Someone who has a passion for dogs and needs formal education to get started in a career with confidence and competence. A dog training career that will fulfill your desire to work with dogs in a professional setting.

Good Dog Academy was developed by experts with over 40 years of experience in dog training. After helping thousands of dogs, they needed to share their passion based on education and experience. Dog training that included a broad spectrum of theoretical topics and essential information about dog handling skills. Adding crucial canine first aid to the program gives students a great starting point to how dog training can be your vocation. Good Dog Academy is a well-rounded dog training program.


Good Dog Academy’s training methodology is positive reinforcement and uses the Humane Hierarchy model. 


The program takes 28 weeks to complete. The foundation knowledge is important whether you have an end goal of:

  1. Learning how to open a successful dog training business
  2. Learning how to open a booming doggie daycare and/or canine boarding facility
  3. Learning how to become a sought after dog walker
  4. Training how to become an expert handler for dogs at a vet office
  5. Gaining the knowledge to work at a animal shelter - either municipal or private
  6. Working with a dog rescue organization - either domestic or international
  7. Exploring the movie and tv industry
  8. Helping in the therapy, support and companion dogs niche
  9. Working as a dog care provider at a large company
  10. Puppy and dog sitting
  11. Training others in canine first aid
  12. Owning a flourishing pet store - being the expert in dogs
  13. Bio-medical dog handler - scent work
  14. Participating in the many dog sports the public enjoys
  15. Working in the detection and patrol world


Your investment of $1395 Canadian or approximately $995 USD  includes all taxes and Bonus Material. It also currently includes our exclusive Business for Professional Pet Dog Trainers program. The cost can be earned back from 2 - 3 group dog training classes of 6 clients.


The Opportunities Available To You When Becoming A Dog Trainer

You will be surprised how many doors open once you have the basic dog training knowledge you need. Your direction will become evident and may even change over time. Attending a dedicated dog behaviour training program will give you credibility and confidence.



Week 1

Your Bonus Material Information

Understand what Bonus Material you will receive

Theory - Introduction

Explore some housekeeping topics and program expectations. Learn how Critical Thinking and Focused Observation will help you to become a better professional dog trainer.

Principles of Training

Learn about popular dog training methods and how to choose a training methodology.

Training Equipment

Investigate the many pieces of training equipment that are available. Learn how to properly fit the most common and popular pieces of dog training equipment and some pros and cons of each.

Evolution of the Dog

Examine the origins of the domestic dog and why there is so much diversification in this species. This will help you to determine the traits that are going to be most prominent in a variety of dog breeds.

Week 2

Dog Breeds

Become familiar with many dog breeds and their traits as recognized by popular kennel clubs.

Selecting a Dog

Learn what questions and facts should be considered when choosing a dog.

Today’s Canine

Learn why the start a dog gets in life, including his genetic make up, plays a big role in the outcome of the adult dog.

Week 3

The Physical Dog

Study about a dog’s general health, brain and senses, life cycle, and common ailments.

Canine Language

Understand how dogs communicate and why this topic is important to your safety and the safety of others.

Week 4

Training Philosophies

Get educated about the various opinions and philosophies that exist in dog training. Your clients will ask you many questions. Your answers will help you to gain your client’s trust.

Learning Theory

Understand the science behind the way dogs learn and how that will have a direct impact on your training plans. This course explores the science behind how dogs learn.

Behaviour Problem Solving

See how to tackle common problem behaviours and offer a problem solving flow chart of solutions to your clients.

Week 5

Fear and Anxiety

Look into the definitions and relationships between fear and anxiety. How does Fear and Anxiety affect your training plans?


Learn how to analyze aggression and the possible scenarios you will encounter when working with dogs.

Week 6


Understand the basic facts about euthanasia and how to support your clients during this difficult decision making process.


As a well-rounded dog professional, you need general knowledge about nutrition and dietary options.


What information do you need from your municipality in order to comply with its bylaws? What questions should you ask when you are considering opening a business at home or in a dedicated location?


Learn valuable tips that will prepare you to work with and instruct clients. Speaking skills, registration forms, demonstration dogs and more are must haves before you step out into your first group class!

Week 7

Study and Write Final Exam

Show us what you’ve learned!

Week 8

Canine First Aid

What do you need to know in an emergency? Dogsafe® Canine First Aid is designed to teach you the knowledge and skills you need to deal with a sick or injured dog until veterinary care is available.

Week 9

Introduction to Practical & Basic Obedience Skills - Lesson 1

Cues and Markers | Focus on Cue | Touch Targeting | Team Work Game - relationship building

Week 10

Basic Obedience Skills - Lesson 2

Sit Stay | Loose Leash Walking | Release Cues

Week 11

Basic Obedience Skills - Lesson 3

Move to Heel on Cue | The ‘Bank of Plenty’ Game | ‘Back Up’ to Leash Pressure | Sit and Down in Heel Position

Week 12

Practise Week

Week 13

Submit Video #1

Used to evaluate your dog handling skills. Reviewed by our Director of Training. Extensive feedback and coaching given.

Week 14

Basic Obedience Skills - Lesson 4

Down Stay | Treat Toss - Recall Foundation Game | Formal Heel in Motion

Week 15

Basic Obedience Skills - Lesson 5

180° Turns | One Minute Sit and Down Stays with Distraction | Formal Recall Techniques | Collar Desensitization

Week 16

Basic Obedience Skills - Lesson 6

Sit and Down Transitions from Six Feet | Proofing Your Skills

Week 17

Practise Week

Week 18

Submit Video #2

Used to evaluate your dog handling skills. Reviewed by our Director of Training. Extensive feedback and coaching given.

Week 19

Intermediate Obedience Skills - Lesson 1

Heeling with No Hands | Heeling Patterns

Week 20

Intermediate Obedience Skills - Lesson 2

Stand On Cue and Stand Stay | High Arousal Low Arousal Game

Week 21

Intermediate Obedience Skills - Lesson 3

Proofing Your Stays | Come To Heel

Week 22

Practise Week

Week 23

Submit Video #3

Used to evaluate your dog handling skills. Reviewed by our Director of Training. Extensive feedback and coaching given.

Week 24

Intermediate Obedience Skills - Lesson 4

Down, Sit Transitions | Recalls From A Distance

Week 25

Intermediate Obedience Skills - Lesson 5

Stationary Position Game | Advanced High Arousal Low Arousal Game

Week 26

Intermediate Obedience Skills - Lesson 6

Down in Motion | Off Leash Heeling and Proofing

Week 27

Practise Week

Week 28

Submit Video #4

Used to evaluate your dog handling skills. Reviewed by our Director of Training. Extensive feedback and coaching given.

End of Week 28

Bonus Material released. 

Where to next? 


Good Dog Academy's dog trainer program is taught exclusively online. Online education is now a normal and accepted method of learning. Learning how to train dogs online is no exception. Using existing technology, learning and evaluation techniques makes the process easy for the dog training student. Good Dog Academy also has a robust feedback and coaching component and Live Monthly Dog Trainer Webinars where you can connect with our Director of Training. 

Our dog trainer program offers a great learning environment. Join our canine school Community Portal and engage with your dog trainer classmates to discuss topics that are important to you. Enjoy the Live Monthly Webinars. Keep connected! 

Still Not Ready? Click Here to join our FREE webinar where our director of training Jaime Knowles will give you a Live Tour of the program!

Take a look at a great conversation conducted by Jaime Knowles (head trainer at Good Dog Academy) and Megan Loftus (PPDT program graduate at Good Dog Academy). 

You will learn all about how Megan leveraged her certification into a fulfilling career working with dogs!

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