FAQ: Do Dog Trainers Make Good Money?

  • To answer this question, call a few dog training companies in your area. Ask what services they offer and how much they charge. You will be able to approximate what you will make in comparison.
  • Once you do this, you surely answer “yes, dog trainers definitely make good money”!

Written by Good Dog Academy

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FAQ: How Can I Start My Own Dog Business?

  • It is advised to take a business program that has been developed specifically for the dog training industry. So, how do you start your own dog business? Try Good Dog Academy’s Exclusive Business for Professional Pet Dog Trainers.
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FAQ: How Much Money Can You Make Training Dogs?

  • A novice dog trainer with a good solid education can ask for anywhere between $45 - $65 per hour depending on location and other factors. Some trainers earn upwards of $125 per hour once they have a great deal of experience and have continued their education to include specialty and advanced training. This also depends on location and other factors.

Written by Geri and Jaime 

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FAQ: How Do I Become A Certified Dog Trainer in Canada?

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FAQ: What Do Dog Trainers Do?

  • A dog trainer is responsible for working with owners to create a unique training program to promote a dog's good behaviour. A few of the main duties of a dog trainer are identifying problem behaviours and developing training plans for the dog.

Written by the Good Dog Academy

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FAQ: Is Being A Dog Trainer Hard?

  • Learning to be a dog trainer takes hard work and focus. Usually, people who want to become a dog trainer do so because they are passionate about helping dogs and their families. Formal education is where to start. Work hard, take continuing education and enjoy the dogs and people along the way.

Written by gooddog-academy.com/

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Dog Training As A Career

dog training career Dec 17, 2020

As far as career options go, dog training is a powerful and rewarding choice for those who feel the need to help dogs develop strong and loving relationships with the humans they share their lives with.

With so many families inviting dogs into their homes to live life as part of their family, dog training becomes an important step to ensure harmony and happiness. Training dogs and their people in basic relationship skills becomes more of a ‘need’ than a ‘want’.

Reducing stress with a dog in the home by developing a structure that works for each unique environment leads to strong and loving connections.


How Do You Know If You're Ready To Pursue A Career Training Dogs?

A career as a dog trainer is meant for passionate and motivated people who want to help dogs live richer, fuller lives.

Dog training is a meaningful career that satisfies a need to improve and maximize living conditions for dogs and their families. By learning and sharing skills, dog...

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How To Make Money Working With Dogs - Good Dog Academy

dog training career Sep 17, 2020

You have always loved dogs, and you have a natural way with them. You are considering a career that allows you to make money by helping dogs and their families as a professional pet dog trainer. Naturally, you have some questions about making money working with pets and dogs, and maybe you are not confident about what services you could offer as a dog trainer. 

First, it is good to know that dog training has proven itself to be a recession-proof career that will put you in a position to make money regardless of the world situation. Folks are bringing dogs into their homes more than ever before, and they need a professional to help them train their new family member. They need help to ensure their dog is well adjusted in the home and public. 

There is no shortage of work available within the pet dog industry to make money for qualified professionals, and dog training is a flexible career choice. You can work for an established company, or you may decide to start your own...

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How Much Does It Cost To Become A Dog Trainer - Good Dog Academy

dog training career Sep 02, 2020

You're thinking of becoming a pet dog trainer but have questions. 

Questions like:

The pet dog industry is booming especially when it relates to dog training services. There is no better time to consider a career in professional dog training. Like you and me, millions of North Americans love their dogs and regard them as family members. They want only the best for their dogs when potentially hiring a professional dog training specialist. 

An unprecedented number of people are bringing puppies and dogs into their homes to join their families. They need skilled and educated dog training professionals to help them integrate, properly raise and train their new furry family members. Pet dog training has proven itself a recession-proof industry with the continual demand for qualified dog...

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How Long Does It Take To Become A Dog Trainer - Good Dog Academy

dog training career Sep 01, 2020

So you would like to become a dog trainer, but you are not sure how to get started. There is a lot of dog training information floating around out there that can be confusing for sure!

Let's break down what you need to start a successful dog training career as a professional dog trainer.

Formal Education and Certification for Dog Training

The number one thing clients will look for is your education and credentials. Clients want to know that you have a solid foundation education, that you know what you are talking about when it comes to helping them achieve their goals with their dog, that they can trust you have the knowledge and skills needed to work with their family members and that they will see results.

Experience To Fully Understand If You Know You'd Make A Good Dog Trainer.

Training your canine is not enough. Some of the ways you can gain valuable experience as you move forward in your career include volunteering at a local animal shelter or with a local canine rescue group....

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