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FAQ: Do Dog Trainers Make Good Money? dog training career frequently asked questions Dec 16, 2020

To answer this question, call a few dog training companies in your area. Ask what services they offer and how much they charge. You will be able to approximate what you will make in comparison.

Once you do this, you will surely answer “yes, dog trainers definitely make good money”!


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FAQ: How Can I Start My Own Dog Business? dog training career frequently asked questions Dec 16, 2020
  • It is advised to take a business program that has been developed specifically for the dog training industry.
  • Good Dog Academy offers a full Business program embedded in its Professional Pet Dog Trainer Certificate Program. Both the Basic and Bundle programs offer Business for Pet Dog Trainers.
  • ...
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FAQ: How Much Money Can You Make Training Dogs? dog training career frequently asked questions Dec 16, 2020

A novice dog trainer with formal education can ask for anywhere between $45 - $65 per hour depending on location and other factors. Some trainers earn upwards of $125 per hour once they have a great deal of experience and have continued their education to include specialty and advanced...

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FAQ: How Do I Become A Certified Dog Trainer in Canada? dog training career frequently asked questions Dec 16, 2020

To become a Certified Professional Pet Dog Trainer in Canada, you need formal, science-based education. Anyone looking to hire a dog trainer is now looking for a dog trainer with credentials.

When investigating how to become a Certified Pet Dog Trainer, there are many things to consider. An...

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FAQ: What Do Dog Trainers Do? dog training career frequently asked questions Dec 16, 2020

A dog trainer is responsible for working with owners to create a unique training program to promote a healthy owner/dog team.

A few of the main duties of a dog trainer are identifying problem behaviours and developing training plans for the dog.

Written by Good Dog Academy

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FAQ: Is Being A Dog Trainer Hard? dog training career frequently asked questions Dec 16, 2020

Learning to be a dog trainer takes hard work and focus. Usually, people who want to become a dog trainer do so because they are passionate about helping dogs and their families.

Formal education is where to start. Work hard, take continuing education and enjoy the dogs and people along the way.

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Dog Training As A Career dog training career Dec 16, 2020

As far as career options go, dog training is a powerful and rewarding choice for those who feel the need to help dogs develop strong and loving relationships with the humans they share their lives with.

With so many families inviting dogs into their homes to live life as part of their family, dog...

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How To Make Money Working With Dogs - Good Dog Academy dog training career Sep 17, 2020

You have always loved dogs, and you have a natural way with them. You are considering a career that allows you to make money by helping dogs and their families as a professional pet dog trainer. Naturally, you have some questions about making money working with pets and dogs, and maybe you are...

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