FAQ: How Do I Become A Certified Dog Trainer in Canada?

dog training career frequently asked questions Dec 16, 2020

To become a Certified Professional Pet Dog Trainer in Canada, you need formal, science-based education. Anyone looking to hire a dog trainer is now looking for a dog trainer with credentials.

When investigating how to become a Certified Pet Dog Trainer, there are many things to consider. An experienced, well-rounded, qualified instructor teaching the pet dog industry for many years will be your best guide. Look for someone who has personally trained thousands of dogs, earned higher education in a variety of environments and someone who is a natural and kind teacher. This is the person who will be able to guide you to success and help you reach your goals as a pet dog trainer.

Your instructor should be associated with a top-tier school. The school should be well run, with a proper infrastructure that supports students and staff so they can concentrate on learning and teaching without distractions. 

Once you have found the right person and school, you will want to investigate the program's content which will lead to your certification. Courses should include theory and practical skill development. Also, because you will be working with dogs, you need to be proficient in canine first aid - this should be part of the curriculum.

You will build your knowledge and confidence by studying a broad range of theory courses. Understanding the theory behind why dogs do what they do will help you be able to explain behaviours to your clients, which in turn will solicit their trust in you. Clients will more easily cooperate with what you recommend for a training program for their dog when you are confident and know why you are endorsing a specific plan. They will also most likely become lifelong clients.

Skill development modules, including education for your training skills and the ability to teach someone else, are where a certified professional pet dog training program puts everything together. You will need that experienced instructor here! The instructor's power to merge theory and practice is the most important thing. Custom, personalized coaching and feedback on your practical work are necessary to grow and develop your skills. Working with the right instructor is paramount to your development.

Good Dog Academy’s Professional Pet Dog Trainer Certificate program has you covered. With 22 theory courses, you will learn the 'why behind the how' to train dogs in detail. Canine First Aid is mandatory to graduate from our program. Our skill development modules have over 50 videos to guide you. 

You will receive extensive and helpful feedback and coaching from our in-house master dog trainer, Jaime Knowles, who has taught thousands of dogs over 25 years. Jaime is the expert that you need, and she is a kind and natural teacher. 

Your next step is to register. Good Dog Academy’s Professional Pet Dog Trainer Certificate program registration is ongoing.

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