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Oct 21, 2021

Now more than ever, qualified Professional Pet Dog Trainers are in high demand. The unprecedented times of the COVID-19 pandemic have changed the way we live our lives.  

During the pandemic, many people temporarily moved to work from home, and many of these folks brought a dog into their lives - coining the term 'Pandemic Puppies.'  

This movement has made dog training services one of the fastest-growing sectors in the pet care industry, an industry that is projected to grow by approximately 11% from now until 2024! 

What The Numbers Show

According to American Pet Product Association, in 2020, $103.6 billion was spent on pets in the USA alone, with $10 billion being spent on training. They also state 12.6 million households took in pets between  March and December of 2020.  

Revelation states in 2021 that the Canadian pet market is worth about  $9.5 billion. The pandemic brought an 18% upsurge in pet ownership in  Canada, and 57% of these people got a new dog into their homes. According to Review Moose, the answer to “Are dog trainers in demand?” is a BIG yes! The average household spends between $250 - $500 on dog training per year, and there were approximately 5.9 million dogs in Canada in  2020. 

Why Dog Training Is High Demand

Everyone loves their dog, but few new dog owners have the time,  patience, skills, and knowledge to train them successfully. Many folks who brought home an adorable innocent puppy during the early stages of the pandemic now have adolescent dogs. They are noticing unwanted or ‘annoying’ behaviours in their canine companions. 

Many dog owners have made their way back to work and are no longer working from home. This leaves the dogs, who were once accustomed to having someone at home, alone and suffering from separation anxiety and other problem behaviours.

It has also been difficult to attend training or to socialize new dogs during the pandemic. Now owners are dealing with the consequences.  They are reaching out to professional dog trainers in record numbers.  

There has been a massive jump in the need for qualified dog trainers to help these dogs and their families. Professional dog trainers are in huge demand. This segment of the pet dog industry is growing.  

In an ever-changing pandemic world, the dog training industry did not flounder. With the addition of virtual private coaching and online class options, not only did the pet dog training industry continue, but it also THRIVED!  

Many dog trainers are so busy that they have waiting lists that are months long, and they are struggling to keep up! Many dog trainers are inundated with so many clients they are trying hard to meet the demand. There is plenty of room for more professional pet dog trainers in the marketplace! The employment outlook for dog trainers is very positive!  

It is no secret that with all the changes in the lives of new dog owners,  dog training services are more in demand than ever before. Even when we reach the other side of the pandemic, dog owners will still have their dogs, and therefore there will be a continued need for qualified professionals to help them reach their training goals.  

Why Good Dog Academy Is The Place To Learn How To Train Dogs As A Professional

More than ever, dog owners are aware of the qualifications of who they hire to work with their pets. They do their research before investing in their dogs’ TRAINING AND CARE and seek out qualified professionals with credentials. 

At Good Dog Academy, we understand that Professional Pet Dog  Trainers require formal education that includes a science-based proven methodology to provide the best training options for dogs and their families.  

If you are interested in a successful career as a Professional Dog  Trainer - now is a great time!

Good Dog Academy's PPDT Program

Embark on a fulfilling journey to transform your passion for dogs into a rewarding career with Good Dog Academy's Professional Pet Dog Trainer Certificate Program!

With our engaging curriculum, you'll delve into 22 theory courses, practical skills development with over 50 videos, and direct mentorship from industry experts.

Plus, our Bundle package offers extra perks like the Dog Walker Certificate and Scent Work Webinar Series, making your educational experience even more enriching.

Embrace the opportunity to learn at your own pace with our flexible payment plans and become a certified dog trainer. Your exciting path to professional dog training starts here – enroll now and unleash your potential! 🐾🎓



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