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Oct 23, 2021

 The COVID-19 pandemic has changed so many lives. During the pandemic, many people moved to work from home temporarily. Many of these folks brought a dog into their lives, and the term "Pandemic  Puppies" was coined.  

Many have now transitioned back to work and are no longer working from home. This leaves the dogs, who were once so accustomed to having someone at home, alone and suffering from separation anxiety or other problem behaviours. This has left many dog owners seeking Doggie Daycare services for their lonely pets.  

What The Statistics Tell Us

Reviewlation states in 2021, the Canadian pet market is worth around  $9.5 billion. The pandemic brought an overall 18% upsurge in pet ownership in Canada, and 57% of these people got a new dog into their home. 

According to Review Moose, 35% of Canadians own a dog, and even if it means going beyond budget limits, owners will do anything to keep their dogs safe, healthy and happy.  

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette reported in 2019 that 84.6 million households in the US had pets while only 36 million had children. Great news for those working in the pet dog industry! Profits are being earned in the pet dog industry!  

Why It's The Perfect Time To Open A Dog Daycare

Dog Daycares are bursting at the seams as pandemic puppy owners return to work. Daycares all across Canada are reporting they are busier than they have ever been. Many have reported month-long waitlists for new clients, and some cannot accommodate any new clients at all. There is lots of room for more doggie daycares in the marketplace. Earning potential and profit is high.  

The demand for qualified professionals in the Dog Daycare industry is booming. It is no secret that with all the changes in the lives of new dog owners, Doggy Daycare services are in more demand than ever before. Even when we reach the other side of the pandemic, dog owners will still have their dogs, and therefore there will be a continuing need for qualified professionals in the pet dog industry. Once you have some formal education, your Doggie Daycare will provide you with a high income.  

It's essential to recognize that running a Professional Dog Daycare is more than just babysitting. There is a lot to know before you open your doors!  

Why Choose Good Dog Academy For Your Training Into Becoming A Dog Daycare Owner

More than ever, dog owners are aware of the qualifications of who they hire to work with their pets. They do their research before investing in their dogs' TRAINING AND CARE and seek out qualified professionals with credentials. 

These professionals need formal education in dog behaviour to perform assessments on new dogs and manage playgroups.  They must be educated in dog body language, have certification in canine first aid, and have in-depth knowledge about best daycare practices.  

Good Dog Academy (GDA) recognizes the need for formal education and offers comprehensive, science-based programs for Professional  Pet Dog Trainers, Dog Care Professionals and Daycare/Boarding  Management.


Take a look at a great conversation conducted by Jaime Knowles (head trainer at Good Dog Academy) and Megan Loftus (PPDT program graduate at Good Dog Academy). 

You will learn all about how Megan leveraged her certification into a fulfilling career working with dogs!

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