Steps on how to open up a training centre for dogs

Jul 14, 2022

If you are a dog expert, one of the best ways to share your expertise and help other dog owners is by opening a training centre for dogs. Many dog owners don’t have the skill to train their dogs effectively or simply don’t have time. When you open a dog training centre, you will provide a safe and convenient place for dog owners to have their puppy trained. 

A dog training centre is a lucrative business and online dog training courses in Canada, with some trainers making up to $200 per hour. The good thing about a dog training facility is that it can be located in your home or commercial space. If yes, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will give you steps on how to open up a training centre for dogs.


Create a clear plan

When opening a dog training centre, creating a clear and well-thought-out plan is crucial. A business plan will help you determine how you will run your business and discover the challenges you are likely to face. 

Essential things that your business plan should cover include:

  • The cost of starting the training centre for dogs
  • Your target market
  • The location of your business (home or in a commercial space)
  • Recurrent cost
  • The name of your business
  • How much you will charge your customer
  • How to deal with challenges that you are likely to incur


A good plan will guide you through each stage of starting and running a successful dog business, and it will enable you to think through and point out key elements to help you run and grow your new business.


Register your business

Once you have created a business, the following process is to register your dog training centre business to make it legal. There are different types of business structures to choose from when writing your dog training centre, including sole proprietorship, Limited Liability Company, corporation, and partnership. 

The legal structure you choose for your dog training centre is significant because it will determine your liability and how much you will pay in taxes. For instance, if you register your business as a limited liability company, you will be protected from being held personally liable if one of your clients sues your dog training business. Registering your dog training centre will make it legal and protect your brand.


Register for Taxes

When opening a dog training centre, you must register for both provincial and federal taxes, and you need to apply for EIN. Your business will be taxed depending on your chosen structure, and you may also be charged with state taxes. Research the type of taxes you will be charged when opening your dog training centre.


Apply for necessary permits and licenses

To ensure that your dog business runs smoothly, ensure that it complies with your provincial laws. Failure to acquire the necessary license and permit can attract hefty fines or even result in the shut down of your business. So, before you open your dog training centre, ensure that you obtain the necessary licenses and permits.


Ensure your business

Just like you need to have necessary permits and licenses to operate your business, you also need to protect your business from financial losses if a customer sues it and demands compensation. There are multiple types of insurance policies to choose from. The most basic type of dog training school training is general liability insurance, which covers claims involving property injuries, property damage, services, and operations.

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